Go Nordic

Cross country (or Nordic) skiing started as a mode of transportation. In Norway, for centuries, people had to move across the snow-covered land to find food and firewood. “Ski” is a Norwegian word derived from the Old Norse word “skid”, a split length of wood.

Today Nordic skiing is an Olympic and recreational sport. For most of us it’s a way to enjoy nature in the winter and to exercise.

There are two main types of Nordic skiing: Classic and Skate. For classic, the skis are longer, poles are shorter and boots are less rigid. Skating equipment consists of stiffer, shorter skis, longer poles and stiff, tall boots. Skating is faster and requires a flat, groomed terrain. Classic skis need grip wax applied to the bases and we generally do it on groomed track-set trails.

Nordic skiing is an ideal form of exercise because we can do it our whole lives. From cardiovascular health to our overall muscular strength, to just getting out in the fresh winter air, skiing is not only good for you. It makes northern living fun.