Gina Loewen grew up in one of Canada’s northern cities: Whitehorse, Yukon. The city had a long winter and many months of snow. But it wasn’t until she moved south that she experienced the broader Canadian culture of winter complaint.


It’s not that people in the north don’t like summer. They love it. But in the winter, nothing stops Yukoners from playing outside.

Gina started cross-country skiing as a child. She joined a four-season program called TEST — Territorial Experimental Ski Training — invented by a legendary Oblate priest from France named Jean-Pierre Mouchet. She joined the Yukon Ski Team and competed in races around the world, but TEST taught her that Nordic skiing is more than skiing: it’s a way of life.

Gina has degrees in biological sciences and in education. She is a certified cross-country ski instructor. Skiing defined her youth but in recent years it’s taken over her adult life too. She began teaching children and families, as a volunteer and as a paid instructor. More and more of her adult friends were taking up Nordic Skiing, not only as a sport but as a different sort of date-night on Edmonton’s lit valley trails.


So she combined her love for skiing, for teaching, for the natural environment, and for extraordinary experiences off the snow as… SkiLife.

If you can walk, you can ski. It can be a full-body workout or a calm and quiet way to explore valleys and parks and ravines. It gets you outside, comfortably and simply, and you can do it your whole life. And nothing is better than a well-picked après-ski experience.

Cross-country skiing is more than a recreational activity. If you want to be happy in a winter city, why not ski?

SkiLife is a warm invitation into cross-country skiing: individual and group lessons, retreats, pairings with great food and wine, with the spa, with the arts, with travel.

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